Episode #143 - Cardin McKinney


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Shine where you stand! Cardin McKinney is a recording artist, songwriter, and model in Nashville, Tennessee. Most notably she was a top contestant in American Idol Season 7 and has starred in international television, commercials, and campaigns from ABC’s Nashville, Almay, and Royal Caribbean.

She grew an online following of forty-thousand in just three years by sharing her vulnerable healing journey after divorce and loss in 2018. On the path to self-discovery and self-healing, she writes and releases music and creates content to uplift and inspire others to focus on healing, hope, and the future.

With this endeavor, Cardin created The Haven Healing Co., designed to serve as a self-healing tool and message of hope for those impacted by trauma and loss.

Cardin is a full-time single mother of her young sons, ages 7 and 3, and also serves in a calling in her church as Social Media Director to the Missionaries over the greater Nashville area. Tune in to hear her amazing story and check out her new single, “Feather”, it’s so inspiring.
















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