The Tale of SodaPop: Part One


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Surprise! A bonus short story featuring SodaPop, World’s Greatest Dog. But first, announcements:

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CONTENT NOTES (for entire three-part story)

  • Live dog and cat sounds
  • Harm to wild animals
  • Mild harm to humans
  • Abandonment
  • Dread
  • Inexplicable pain


Voice performers

  • Archie as “SodaPop”
  • Lulu as “Barn cat”
  • Julie Saunders as “Narrator”

Production Crew

  • Written, edited, and sound designed by Julie Saunders
  • Cat wrangling by Seth Ellsworth
  • “Believer Theme (Julie’s Melody)” composed by Aaron Ferenc

Music from Epidemic Sound

  • “Our Days of Bliss,” by Alice Spence
  • “A Classic Noir,” by David Celeste
  • “Campfire Tails,” by Brendon Moeller
  • “Catch Me Later,” by Kikoru
  • “Wandering Nomad,” by Cody Francis






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