#644 - Three Lessons from 2021: Tom's Yearly Roundup


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2021 - What a year!
....but hat has it taught us?
It's been an interesting year to say the least, but in this annual roundup, co-host Tom looks away from the main headlines, the news, and the politics that have taken up so much of the world's attention, and instead looks to the three things he's going to be taking away from 2021 and applying to the future.
He covers:
1. The most important finding from scientific research this year
2. How Tom has had an Ah-HA moment that he will take into 2022
3. And a coaching tip that could help you get more PRs in 2022
Some of the best lessons come from self reflection, and we know you’re going to take something away from the last of Tom’s appearances this year - we hope you enjoy it!

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