#648 - Understanding Fatigue with Alex Howard


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Fatigue is complex, and there is many levels to it. You've got the initial state of being tired and worn out, then you have overwhelm and burnout, and then you have an illness state of fatigue like CFS/ME, and what many people are now seeing with Long Covid. Alex Howard suffered with CFS for many years and has now made it his life long mission to help others with fatigue, largely in a clinical setting. In this show we explore the intersection of body : mind : spirit and how it all plays a role in fatigue. Recovery is long, slow, and multi-faceted, and it was an honour for me to interview Alex on this wildly complex topic. Whatever state of tired or fatigued you are in, this show will help you see the body in new way.
Check out Alex at: https://www.alexhoward.com
I recommend his book 'Decode Your Fatigue' which I've personally read cover to cover.

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