#650 - Rewriting Your Story with David McIntosh


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If David can do it, surely we can all rewrite our story, however pre-determined it feels? Coming from a family of poverty, with a PTSD suffering father, to a parent dying young, to growing up in an environment where staying in poverty and never breaking out feels inevitable, to becoming Scotland’s 1st apprentice management consultant, best young consultant in the country to apprentice of the year 2020, to founding chairing 2 social networks for Social Mobility, to meeting the queen, and to partnering with Marcus Rashford at work, this is the story of David McIntosh.
At just 23 I was in awe of his wisdom and ideas, it was a pleasure to interview David. We discussed how we as humans can choose to feel empowered and have agency in a digital age, how the internet when used correctly can bring people out of poverty, how radical courage at key sliding door moments can change your life, how having tunnel vision on ONE goal could bring you out of your bad situation, and how embracing your weirdness could set you apart in a world where everyone is trying to conform.
A truly inspiring young man. I hope you enjoy this show, and if you find it inspiring, please send it on to someone else.... check David's podcast out at...

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