Q&A 418: The Latest Research On Longevity, Ketones, Baking Soda, Fasting & More, Insane Biohacking Celebrities, How To Fix Your Vision Without Glasses & Much More.


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bengreenfieldfitness.com/418 News Flashes – for more… Aside from the fact that only one sentence from this entire article is actually true, and it’s quite entertaining. ...4:10 Wow. ...7:15 Can a carnivore diet provide all essential nutrients? ...10:23 Interesting that an anti-aging effect was quite noticeable by ...13:37 What happens when you mix *baking soda* with ketone esters? ...15:00 A fascinating host of metabolic reactions revealed in ...17:45 Japanese doctor who lived to 105—...21:15 ...28:00 Listener Q&A: Is Phenibut A Good Nootropic or Smart Drug?...35:15 The Effects Of Excess Hygiene On Immunity...42:30 How To Fix Your Vision Without Glasses...47:40

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