Virtual Reality & Psychedelics, Censorship Of Health Website, The Wild Diet, Chewy-Chew Chocolate Chip Cookies & Much More With Abel James.


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Abel James is a New York Times Bestselling Author, Musician, and Online Creator. He’s host of the award-winning Fat-Burning Man Show, rated as Apple’s #1 Health Podcast in 8 countries with over 50 million downloads and 2000+ 5-star reviews. A “Coach to the coaches,” Abel has worked with thousands of people across the world to optimize performance, mindset, health and longevity. Abel is named one of the 100 Most Influential People in Health and Fitness by Greatist and has been featured in documentaries, ABC TV, Entertainment, Tonight, People, WIRED, South by Southwest, and hundreds more. Abel’s hit podcast is named as one of the “Top 3 Health & Fitness Podcasts of All Time” by Huffington Post and has won 4 awards in independent media, including “People’s Choice” in Health & Fitness at the Podcast Awards. Also a recording artist, multi-instrumentalist, and voice actor, Abel has won several awards including “Outstanding Achievement in Songwriting” in R&B by The Great American Song Contest. Hailing from the middle of nowhere in New Hampshire, Abel enjoys playing guitar and piano, writing, reading, sketching, running, hiking, and discovering delicious foods with family and friends. He lives with his wife, Alyson, and a rambunctious yellow lab in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. His new book of irreverent poetry, “Designer Babies Still Get Scabies,” a #1 International Bestseller in Humor, is available now. During our discussion, you'll discover: -E-sports vs. traditional physical sports...7:20 -The importance of self-censorship in the art we put into the world...21:00 -The thing that triggered Abel into writing his poetry book...28:00 -Abel's spiritual disciplines...38:45 -Reconciling great achievements with the flawed persons who achieved them...44:15 -Censorship and achieving high rankings on the big search engines...48:35 -Abel's current diet...55:45 -The Wild approach to eating...1:02:50

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