The Importance of Transparency In Insurance


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Welcome to another episode of Benevolent Bots brought to you by Lemonade Insurance, a show that asks the major questions facing the world of insurance, shed some light on the myths about Artificial Intelligence, and discuss how AI ethics can be put in place in insurance. This week our hosts Daniel Schreiber and Tulsee Doshi as they sit down with Genevieve Bell, the Director of the School of Cybernetics at the Australian National University and Director of the 3A Institute and Senior Fellow at Intel Corporation. Recently she has been working with 3A to build a new applied science to manage AI safely to scale and rethink how we approach designing, building, managing, and regulating AI-enabled technologies. Together the trio are discussing transparency within insurance and what users should know about the underlying systems that are affecting their experience. Hear about case studies calling products “AI Jim”’ and “AI Maya” as well as the Pros and Cons of personifying AI. So join us for an exciting conversation on fairness, AI ethics, transparency, accountability, privacy, and putting AI ethics into practice. This is Benevolent Bots from Lemonade Insurance.

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