Loss - Putting the Shards of our Lives Together with Evan Kent


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Our Guest, Evan Kent earned his doctorate in music education from Boston University in 2014. His doctoral research examined how music at Jewish summer camps in North America assists in the development of Jewish identity. For 25 years, Evan was the cantor at Temple Isaiah in Los Angeles.
He is currently on the faculty of Hebrew Union College in Jerusalem where he teaches liturgy and sacred music. Evan was also a member of the editorial committee for the new Reform High Holiday prayer book, Mishkah HaNefesh.
Evan’s award-winning one-man show “Shards: Putting the Pieces Together” has been presented in Jerusalem, Prague, and throughout the United States. “Shards” has now been presented virtually, thanks to COVID-19.
When not singing, acting, or teaching, Evan is an avid runner having completed a dozen marathons, many half-marathons, and ultra-marathons.
How can a person use music to deal with loss? How did one man’s epiphany affect his decision to move across the globe? What do our stories about our past have to do with who we are now? How can listening to another person’s personal history help us to understand our own grief, loss, and identity?
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