Episode 5 -- By-election Recap and Deep Dive on the Crisis of the Local Music Industry, with Guests Renne Leighann and Neil Cook-Dallin


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Matt and Jeremy first recap the second incarnation of the 2020 Victoria City Council By-Election, where Stephen Andrew handily beat the competition. Does his victory portend a swing of the political pendulum back towards centre? And is Together Victoria 'over'? The once-feared municipal party showed its susceptibility to loss, despite its large pool of volunteers and donors. The core of the episode is dedicated to a discussion of the local music industry. Renee Leighann (former owner of the Copper Owl) and Neil Cook-Dallin (a producer, engineer, and musician) dissect the state of local music in Victoria. The pandemic has, sadly, killed off numerous local music venues. Renee and Neil explain the long-term challenges for musicians, venue-operators, and music-goers alike.

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