Chinu Kala on resilience, celebrating small wins, loving yourself [#10]


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Chinu Kala is the founder of Rubans Jewelry ( Hers is a story like none other; she left home at the age of 15, did many odd jobs, faced rejection time and time again, stayed resilient and grew her own multi-crore business. It is a simple but inspiring story of grit for any young girl / entrepreneur out there. Hope you enjoy! Timestamps and details of the conversation are below.

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  • 01:05 Intro
  • 03:31 Facing struggles and building grit (“No Plan B”).
  • 09:52 Entrepreneurial journey, learning to sell, Starting Rubans.
  • 18:24 Learn and Work. And repeat.
  • 20:48 Building resilience by celebrating small wins.
  • 25:32 Building Rubans, the brand and it’s products.
  • 31:51 Scrappy scaling.
  • 35:26 Dealing with setbacks.
  • 40:57 Support from family, friends and team.
  • 45:30 Rapidfire. Message for the world: “Love yourself”.

Disclaimer: The views, information, or opinions expressed during the series are solely personal and do not necessarily represent those of my company / employers.

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