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In this week’s episode: Is the current NHS crisis a bug or a feature?

In the Spectator’s cover story this week, our economics editor Kate Andrews writes about the state of the NHS and why even though reform is so clearly needed it's nearly politically impossible to try to do so. She joins the podcast with Isabel Hardman who is currently writing a book on the history of the NHS. (00:53)

Also this week: How is the nation feeling about the Omicron variant?

The news of the Omicron variant has not only worried the public about what may become of their Christmas plans, but the government has also reacted by bringing in new travel restrictions and mask mandates. Two of our columnists Lionel Shriver and Rod Liddle have both given their views on the latest pandemic precautions in week’s magazine and on the podcast they continue those conversations. (16:25)

And finally: Now it’s December can we open the Baileys?

Now it’s December, Christmas celebrations can begin. Our own Hannah Tomes has written about one of her favourite festive delights. Baileys. She joins the podcast along with another Irish cream connoisseur, Lara Prendergast, and the Spectator’s Deputy Editor Freddy Gray who heard we were drinking Baileys and couldn’t resist. (33:02)

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