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In this week’s episode: Who is Eric Zemmour – can he take on President Macron?
In our cover story this week, Freddy Gray looks at the rise of Eric Zemmour, the TV presenter who looks set to stir up French politics ahead of next year’s election. Freddy is joined on the podcast by Sophie Pedder, Paris bureau chief for The Economist and a biographer of French President Emmanuel Macron to discuss. (00:46)
Also this week: Is the Prevent anti-radicalisation programme failing?
Douglas Murray says in this week’s issue that Prevent is failing to tackle Islamic extremism in the UK. He talks about the changes Prevent needs to make along with William Baldet, a Prevent Coordinator. (11:46)
And finally: what’s it like to dine naked?
Last week Cosmo Landesman went to a dinner party with a twist. All the guests were naked. Cosmo gives some nude dining tips along with Olivia Potts, our cookery columnist. (26:19)
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