02-25-21 OTR Westerns - Fort Laramie - Stagecoach Stop


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Best Old Time Radio Podcast with Bob Bro Thursday, February 25, 2021 - OTR Westerns Fort Laramie - "Stagecoach Stop" A stagecoach loses a wheel and is forced to spend the night in the Fort. Aboard is a very stuffy Mrs. Fleinhexel and her daughter Ophie, who is very excited to meet soldiers. Meanwhile, a dangerous renegade Sioux Indian is being held in the brig awaiting transport to Fort Leavenworth. An officer's ball scheduled that same evening becomes the perfect setting to bring all the elements together for a very dramatic climax. Featuring: Raymond Burr, Vic Perrin, Jeanette Nolan, Sam Edwards, Eleanor Tanin, Harry Bartell, Jack Moyles, Shirley Mitchell, Howard McNear, Frank Cady, Jack Kruschen Original Air Date: April 15, 1956 on CBS To hear more of the best old time radio programs, visit our website: https://bestoldtimeradio.com Contact: Bob@bestoldtimeradio.com 4 - 15 - 56

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