JF2443: Learning To Not Limit Yourself To One Path With Andy Heller


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Andy Heller has been investing in real estate since the 1990s. His career started when he attended a seminar on how to purchase properties from a foreclosure list. However, that strategy was very taxing emotionally. So Andy and his partner modified their initial plan, opting to work with banks once the property has been foreclosed. And if they couldn’t find a buyer quickly enough, they offered a lease option. This strategy was much easier to execute. Moreover, it was scalable. Listen to the episode to learn how Andy Heller makes money flipping real estate in detail.

Andy Heller Real Estate Background:

  • Owner of Regular Riches
  • 30+ years of real estate experience
  • Bought hundreds of properties
  • Based in San Francisco, CA
  • Say hi to him at: www.regularriches.com

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Best Ever Tweet:

“You can’t always assume you’re going to buy a property and flip it because a buyer may not walk in the door. You’ve got to have a backup” - Andy Heller.

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