Fabric First? Not always


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In this episode Nathan speaks with Adam Chapman from Vito Energy and heat geek which is an excellent resource for consumers and engineers. This episode centres around what we can do right now to our heating systems to reduce carbon emissions.
Fabric First is inculcated and for obvious reasons. However, there is often something which can be done to the heating system at no cost (or for very little) and with no disruption to the customer which reduces emissions. Scale this up across the 22 to 23 million gas boilers installed and we can significantly lower carbon emissions from heating
This episode mentions how the Energy Savings Trust (EST) conducted a survey on conventional and condensing boilers and found that they do not work at their badged up efficiencies. This suggests how energy performance certificates and energy assessors ticking a box because a boiler has A+ on it's casing is often completely irrelevant
We hear Adam discuss modulation controls and thermostats, how boilers condense, priority domestic hot water (PDHW) and a host of other stuff.

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