Heat Pumps and Solar Heat - The Challenges and Complexities of Installing Low Carbon Technologies


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Heat Pump podcasts I imagine a few and far between. This one likes to meet the engineers installing heat pumps, solar thermal systems etc. to see and understand the challenges which they face. Engineers are at the front line of installing renewable technology and have different vantage points to other cohorts interested in reducing CO2 emissions and reaching net zero targets.

  • 01:25 Ken discusses how consumers are becoming more aware of the low carbon and renewable technologies available to them
  • 02:49 Leia from Your Energy Your Way chats about the RHI and whole house retrofit and the cost of a heat pump
  • 04:10 Rob from Solarflair education of heating engineers
  • 05:30 Nathan mentions how the gas industry has trained engineers and how high efficiency boilers are not efficient if on inefficient heating systems
  • 07:06 Leia - changing radiators for heat pump systems and the importance of rom by room heat loss calculations
  • 08:23 wet heating systems and how many radiators are oversized and perfect for low temp heating systems
  • 10:00 fabric first and the second law of thermodynamics
  • 10:35 heat pumps matching heat loss and insulation requirements. Hybrid and bivalent heating systems
  • 11:35 High temp heat pumps and MCS rules
  • 12:09 MCS accreditation and the struggle with DNO form filling
  • 14:00 DNO District Network Operators and Energy Network Association
  • 16:46 Concerns with overload and amps. AC and DC and Substations
  • 19:44 A 12kW heat pump does not require a 12kW electrical supply
  • 21:06 COP goes down in the winter, low temp heating systems and heat calculations
  • 24:11 Solar heat and solar thermal hybrid heating systems. Glycol stagnation and refract testing
  • 26: 35 Integration of solar thermal with buffer tank and buffer size
  • 29:30 Airing cupboard and roof space for heat pumps and how solar thermal is more efficient than PV with small roof space

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