Heat Pumps and Solar Heat - The Challenges and Complexities of Installing Low Carbon Technologies Part 2


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00:30 Heat Pump manufacturer training
01:58 Heat Pump supply chain issues. Heat Pump and solar thermal technology is not ordinarily stocked in plumbing merchants. Getting it delivered often involves extra contingency and logistics.
05:36 Solar Thermal suppliers and the issues with obtaining solar heat components
08:35 Why heat pump engineers often have to add on price
09:45 Heating engineers are now self employed, does this cause problems? Will there be a shift back to employed heating engineers. As Leah explains installing a variety of technologies within a hybrid heating system e.g. (solar thermal with solar PV with battery storage with heat pump) may better suit an SME rather than a sole trader.
14:12 Nathan speaks about his specialist topic: training.
18:12 Are we training to many people to get diploma certificates (not full qualifications)
21:00 Most plumbers and heating engineers are self employed. They don't tend to be able to take on apprentices (students who will gain an NVQ). If they do take on an apprentice it is usually a family member e.g. daughter, son, niece or nephew.
24:00 Apprenticeships are not always a great way to learn if bad habits are being transferred.
30:00 Control of heat pump systems. Weather compensated control on heat pumps. Some heat pump manufacturers controls work with agile tariffs. How they can load the buffer tank at different times. How some of the good engineers do not like microclimating with zone control. Agile, load shifting, smart control technologies working with solarheat and batteries. Car charging and powerwall
35:00 Will heat pump system installs be scalable and the problem with installing a system in the summer.
38:00 The problem with boiler scrap-age schemes, the problem with the average boiler install.
40: 00 Ken mentions the H word. Hydrogen boilers. Hydrogen does not seem to be suitable for the grid and engineers discuss better uses for Hydrogen.
44:00 Low temperature heating systems. Low temp ready heating systems. Heat pump ready cylinders.

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