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Solar Thermal (Solarheat) heating is very misunderstood. It is not only clean it is free and maybe this is why it's not in many of the discourses around decarbonisation.
While there are many concerned individuals and organisations engendering discussions around decarbonisation a lot of the time they are misinformed.
Take a listen to engineers who work at the coal face of renewable heating technology, it is they who install, maintain and know these systems so well.
They don't have an agenda, e.g. they are not trying to sell energy they are trying to solve the problems we face and create efficiency.
This episode has the following topics:
Solar thermal systems which work in winter
Buffers, accumulators and thermal stores
Low temperature heating systems
How to reduce energy bills
Evacuated solar thermal tubes
Are European countries beating the UK regarding this renewable technology?
Should housing developers look at renewable energy more closely?
You will hear how Brandon knows someone who produces so much solarheat they sell it to the next door neighbour - as the heat moves through the wall
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