What is Heat As A Service


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This episode was recorded mid 2020
Nathan discusses heat as a service with Matthew Lipson, Dave Smith and Jayesh Kanbi.
Matthew works at https://es.catapult.org.uk/ (energy systems catapult) and has experience working at the Dept of Energy & Climate Change (now the Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy ) and the Climate Change Committee. He regularly engages on social media with Nathan and other engineers in the heating space and is a firm friend of the podcast.
Dave Smith is a heating engineer and has been in the plumbing and heating industry since 1982. He recently set up an innovative company to address a problem with condensate pipework https://condensatepro.co.uk/
Jayesh Kanbi is another innovator and has set up https://myboiler.com/. Jayesh is a second generation heating engineer and known for his technical competence.
The topic is heat as a service. Matthew describes what this is and the potential advantages for both consumers and engineers but also in helping reduce emissions and reach netzero targets.

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