Tactical Tips: Self-Defense and Awareness with Robyn Warner (Part 2)


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Trigger warning: Talk of physical and sexual assault.

Trista is joined by Robyn Warner for the second part of an incredibly powerful two-part conversation on assault and self-defense. Robyn was physically and sexually assaulted when she was 18 years old, running in broad daylight. She has since managed to turn this horrific moment into her power; teaching people how to be prepared should they ever need to defend themselves and empowering women and girls, especially, in keeping themselves and their families safe. She has now been teaching self-defense and awareness for the past 13 years and shares with the Better, etc audience tactical tips for self-defense and awareness, ways to practice these methods, how and when to get conversations with children started about protecting themselves and how to teach them about “tricky people.” We hope this conversation not only provides you with valuable information to keep yourself safe, but the tools and confidence to spread these ripples of knowledge with those you love as well!

To learn more about Robyn’s story, check out her Instagram @aflyonmywall and to learn more about S.A.F.E by Robyn, you can visit the website here. Use promo code better for $25 off! Plus, don’t forget to check out The Brave Talk Show.

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