Better Together w/ Anne Heche and Heather Duffy


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Anne Heche's BETTER TOGETHER w/ Anne & Heather is a space where guests introduce us to the person that makes them better. For me, that's my friend, Heather, and that's why we are doing the show together – because we are "Better Together." We celebrate friendship, and we believe that we can create more harmony in the world by sharing our stories, our fun, our fears, insecurities, and stumbles. We recognize that self-knowledge is one thing; adding others’ knowledge is everything, so we will also meet those working in our world to make us all better. Learning about others expands our horizons and makes us more fascinating. Let's face it -- we are not fabulous all by ourselves! We are Braver together. Stronger together. Crazier together. Happier together. Funnier together. Smarter together. We are Better Together!You'll be able to find us on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, YouTube, and wherever you listen to podcasts. So make sure to Subscribe!From Straw Hut Media

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