Breaking Up with Binge Drinking and Bad Boys & Finding Freedom | Interview with Erin Kiu


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Perhaps you or someone that you know can relate to sitting in church on Sunday wracked with guilt and shame over what happened a few hours earlier on Saturday night. What’s the next step if you realize that you want to experience God’s forgiveness and grace because the path that you’re on is breaking your heart and ruining your life?

Join Barb and her guest, Erin Kui for a conversation about finding freedom from temptation, sexual sin and the meaningless pursuit of the next party. Erin will tell us about the two praying women in her life, the small group at her church that cared, not condemned her and how God led her to new life in Christ.

This is the perfect episode for anyone who feels like they are too far gone to deserve God’s favor. It’s not true!


Fun and Holy

One Transforming Love by Erin Kiu


Erin Kiu is passionate about helping women have a transforming relationship with Jesus while attracting their future husbands along the way. After experiencing her own transformation with God, Erin published her first book, One Transforming Love, as a Christian Fiction novel to inspire other young women to discover the love of Jesus while pursuing godly relationships.

Erin is a blogger at Fun & Holy, a blog and community for women that provides biblical solutions to real-world issues that young women face. When she’s not writing, you can find Erin on the beach or biking along the coast with her husband in San Diego.

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