140. Unlock Your Best Self: Neuro Linguistic Programming w/ Damon Cart


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Anything @TonyRobbins endorses always piques my interest, and that's why I wanted to book #NLP expert and coach Damon Cart for my show Better Together, to help us unpack NLP - give us a beginners guide!

Maybe you've heard of #NLP, maybe you haven't, but today, you'll get a life-changing crash course on what it is, how to implement it, and why it can help unlock all of your deepest goals and desires.NLP, which stands for Neuro Linguistic Programming, posits that our experience is a completely subjective one, guided by our perception of the world, our past traumas, and our everyday values. By shifting the language and subconscious programs tied to that subjective experience, we can fundamentally shift our identity, and both set and achieve our goals - and FAST.

Damon teaches techniques like values elicitation, and swishing which are fast tracks to better understanding who we are and what we want. For more, you have to watch the show!We feature brilliant experts like Damon on our show everyday, so make sure you SUBSCRIBE to my YouTube (click link in bio) for more, and tag a @TonyRobbins loving friend who needs to watch in the comments below!


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