137. The Secret To Transforming Losses Into Wins w/ GaryVee


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There's a reason (Gary Vaynerchuk) @GaryVee is one of the most popular and respected media gurus & online personalities in the world: he practices what he preaches. GaryVee has built multiple companies, brands, and perhaps most impressively a community of millions of followers who join him daily for his wisdom about self-esteem, achieving our goals, and as he says: CRUSHING IT.

As the CEO of VaynerX media, Gary has consulted with companies like Chase, Toyota, and Craft to teach them how to survive and thrive and a digital world, and his corporate advice can help you too. But Gary is more than just a sharp media mind. He's a humble Russian immigrant who admits in today's conversation that his biggest fear isn't failure, or backpedaling, it's the fear of creating hurdles in his own life to prevent him from moving forward.

More than money, fame, or success, Gary values freedom, and he says it's been the single biggest asset to building his companies. Also, for you sports fans, Gary and I go AT it on the show in a Jets v. Patriots. I HOPE we're still friends after that one...

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