141. How You Can Help Heal America w/ Omar Jahwar


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As the election mounts, it seems like the country has never been less unified, but today's AMAZING #BetterTogether shows us there's still hope - lots of it.

Bishop Omar is a widely respected community leader in Dallas, who began his career as Texas' first gang negotiator, a job where he was asked to go into prisons and negotiate tense dynamics between some of the state's most notorious gang leaders, including Bloods, Crips, and Neo-Nazis.Omar's revolutionary approach to gang negotiations centers on recognizing the humanity in all people, and figuring out our "intersections of agreement" so that we can take steps forward, together, rather than backwards. Omar's beautifully articulate storytelling and outlook really spoke to me, and had me emotional!

This is an INCREDIBLE episode, and I believe that Omar is offering tools that can help heal the ever-increasing divide in our country. Watch, listen, subscribe to my channel (link in bio), and please share this episode with 3 people who need some #BishopOmar in their life. Also, make sure to watch #BetterTogether every weekday! x


Bishop's Website: www.omarjahwar.com

Stand Together Website: https://standtogether.org/social-entrepreneurs/bishop-omar-jahwar/

Bishop's On IG: @BishopOmarJahwar

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