Bioidentical Hormones and HRT with Dr. Felice Gersh


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Dr. Felice Gersh discusses bioidentical hormones and hormone replacement therapy (HRT). We also redefine menopause and talk about the different symptomatic changes and sexuality that we see in menopause. As well as mood and brain changes in Perimenopause. Get the full show notes here.

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Episode Overview:

  • 7:30 Introduction
  • 9:30 Reframing Definitions
  • 13:30 Metabolic Changes In Decade Before Ovarian Senescence
  • 23:08 Is There A Reason To Try To Extend Reproductive Years?
  • 32:45 Defining Bioidenticals and Hormone Replacement Therapy
  • 54:31 Fear Around Hormone Replacement
  • 57:15 Human Identical Hormones or Synthetics For Most Woman
  • 1:11:18 Start With Progesterone or Estrogen?
  • 1:16:00 Conclusion

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