Brain Health in a Post Pandemic World with Dr. David Perlmutter


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Understanding why our brain is constantly hijacked in this modern world, that leads to poor decisions making. We discuss sleep, excess adipose tissue, inflammation, and the effects of covid. Why we are more disconnected from ourselves, our brain systems, and the impact of our digital experiences.

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Episode Overview:

  • 0:00 Intro
  • 10:00 Introducing David
  • 12:09 Why David Wrote “Brainwash” and the shortfall of Clinicians
  • 21:02 Treating Patients
  • 26:30 Sympathetic Dominance and Cortisol
  • 33:20 Emotional Empathy
  • 37:20 Science Is A Conversation and It’s Okay To Change Your Opinion
  • 42:42 The Effects Of Sugar On Decision Making
  • 52:00 How We Can Take Back Our Power
  • 65:20 The Importance Of Connection
  • 1:12:20 Conclusion

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