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Understanding what breathwork is and how to use it. We discuss how breathwork benefits stress and anxiety, pain management, performance, endurance, and cardiovascular health. We also touch on the science of breathwork, how it gives your the space to heal trauma and what a typical session may look like.

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Episode Overview:

  • 10:30 Introduction
  • 11:50 How The General Population Tends To Breathe
  • 18:30 Why Do We Hold Our Breath in Tension or Trauma?
  • 22:03 How Jennifer Found Breathwork
  • 27:00 Give Yourself The Space To Heal
  • 32:33 Defining Breathwork
  • 37:24 The Science Of Breathwork
  • 42:08 Breathing and Tension
  • 49:00 The Masculine and Feminine Of Breathing
  • 56:00 What A Typical Breathwork Session Looks Like
  • 1:04:45 How Often Should You Practice?
  • 1:07:00 Conclusion

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