Cortisol, Belly Fat, & Perimenopause: Replay of Betty Hormones Class 1


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In this behind-the-scenes live episode from the Hormones Program in Hello Betty, we look at the effects of cortisol on women. We discuss how cortisol affects belly fat and weight gain, the relationship between cortisol and our menstrual cycle, the neurological effects of stress, and how to know if you are high in cortisol. We also touch on how to reduce the effects and how to supplement for high cortisol.

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Episode Overview:

  • 04:17 Introduction
  • 5:30 Cortisol and Sympathetic
  • 9:13 Tend And Befriend
  • 13:14 Epinephrine and Nor-epinephrine
  • 19:50 Cortisone
  • 21:46 Cortisol and Menstrual Cycle
  • 27:09 Neurological Effects of Cortisol
  • 30:00 High Cortisol
  • 34:58 Cortisol and Body Fat
  • 40:25 Cortisol Checklist
  • 43:00 How To Reduce Cortisol
  • 52:05 Supplements
  • 55:54 Causes of Low Cortisol

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