How To Get A Better Night's Sleep


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Do you struggle with a good night's sleep? We look at what we do when we are awake that can positively or negatively impact sleep quality and the role of early morning light exposure and blue light exposure. We also discuss the effects of caffeine consumption and adenosine, exercise, the role of the liver, and how to supplement to improve sleep.

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Episode Overview:

  • 0:30 Introduction
  • 6:30 How What We Do When Awake Effect’s Our Sleep
  • 9:20 Effects Of Caffeine
  • 20:46 Cortisol
  • 24:55 Early Morning Light Exposure
  • 33:18 Peripheral Oscillators and The Liver
  • 38:03 Exercise
  • 40:00 Sunset and Blue Light
  • 42:52 Supplementation
  • 47:49 Conclusion

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