Keto, Carnivore, and Fasting with Ben Azadi


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This week we welcome Ben Azadi. In this episode, we discuss all things Ketogenic Diet. From understanding how to structure your ketogenic diet and its many variations to implementing a fasting protocol alongside dietary change. As well as the use of digestive bitters, issues with plant toxins, the carnivore diet, and the most common mistakes when doing the ketogenic diet. Ben is on a mission to help 1 billion people live a healthier lifestyle. Ben has been the go-to source for intermittent fasting and the ketogenic diet through his podcast and youtube channel “Keto Kamp”. He is known as ‘The Health Detective’ because he investigates dysfunction, and educates, not medicates, to bring the body back to normal function. Join The Better! Community On Facebook. Get the show notes here.

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