Psychedelic Therapy & The Divine Feminine with Kelsey Ramsden


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In the hustle of start-ups and business, Kelsey was successful, accomplished, and winning (on the outside). We discuss Kelsey’s personal difficulties and low points in business and how it all led to her first experience with clinically assisted psychedelic therapy. We discuss how the importance of medical assistance and "set and setting" using this therapy, and how this therapy can be used to heal anxiety, depression, PTSD, and trauma. We also discuss the importance of the balance of masculine and feminine energy.

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Episode Overview:

  • 1:00 Introduction
  • 12:00 Welcoming Kelsey
  • 14:14 How Kelsey Found Psychedelic Assisted Therapy
  • 22:48 First Experience with Therapy
  • 31:45 What Changed Post-Treatment
  • 40:00 The Divine Feminine
  • 46:35 Mindcure & Different Types Of Assisted Therapy
  • 52:13 Psilocybin, Ketomine and Ego
  • 1:03:50 Microdosing

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