The Holistic Psychologist Dr. Nicole LePera On How To Do The Work


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This week we welcome Dr. Nicole LaPera. In this episode, we discuss why we fear doing the work to better ourselves, understanding our conscious self. what it takes to step into your awareness, understanding your trauma and how we develop coping strategies around them, and understanding the tendencies of your inner child. Nicole aka “The Holistic Psychologist” often found herself frustrated by the limitations of traditional psychotherapy. Wanting more for her patients—and for herself—she began a journey to develop a united philosophy of mental, physical, and spiritual health that equips people with the tools necessary to heal themselves. Nothing short of a paradigm shift, Dr. Nicole LePera’s teachings empower the individual to break free from trauma cycles and create who they want to become. shows us the importance of becoming more aware of ourselves and gives some frameworks on how we all can start on a path towards better consciousness and healing our past traumas. Join The Better! Community On Facebook. Get the show notes here.

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