Better With Running Podcast EP 55 - Ft Run2PB Athlete Tom James (@teejayultrarunner)


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Zacca and Matt catch up on how their weeks have gone. Matt lifts the intensity by rolling out 6 x 1km reps, then meets up with Dane Verwey for a half marathon paced session with 3 x 3km and mixes it up with some surges. Zacca pushes out his biggest mileage week ever! Amongst it he spices things up with a 3k at MP / Mona Fartlek / 6k at MP. Along with a solid alteration session of 26k worth of 1k ON / 1k OFF. To round out a 168k week.

Run2PB athlete Tom James jumps on to chat about his lead up to Gold Coast Marathon, where he’ll be attempting to break the magical 3hr barrier, in his Breaking 2 + 1 Project. Tom also discusses how he went in the Brisbane Half Marathon, where his coach, Matt, set him a tough challenge in both patience and strength, how he got into running, his love of parkruns and especially the New Farm parkrun and shares a few stories about his favourite races, including the Western States 100 mile.

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