Ep 25: Better with Running Podcast - Ft Shoe Chat with Run2PB coach Sammy Mclean + Katie Dall + Anna McPhie Interviews


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Zacca and Matt catch up on how each other’s 60min workout went that was set by Brady. A challenging 20minute session of 5/4/3/2/1min ON, 1min jog recovery between each. They discuss the impacts training partners have on how they approach and execute sessions.

Matt catches up Run2PB coach, Sammy the Shoe Dog, to discuss triathlon and ironman racing shoes and the variables that should be taken into account when making such an important decision. Sammy also shares his wisdom of some key tips he would give to triathletes and coaches around their running training.

Matt catches up with one of his athletes, Katie Dall, fresh off her GC festival half marathon 3rd place. Finishing in a time of 1.27hr and knocking off over 9min from her PB. They dissect her race, the lead up to her race and what’s in store for the rest of 2020.

Zacca catches up with one of his athletes, Anna McPhie who took over a minute off her previous best for 5k time trialing a 23:22. Anna talks about her running journey and how the Run2PB community has helped her through the challenges of 2020!

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