Ep 26: Better with Running Podcast - Ft. Virtual Run 5k Launch with Brady Threlfall / Interviews - Troy Hewkins & Run2PB Coach and Trail Running Superstar Steph Auston.


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Big episode with Zacca and Matt first discussing Run2PB proudly partnering with The Running Company Yarraville and New Balance to put on the Run2PB Virtual 5km Event, to be run between October 1st and 14th. Run2PB coach Sammy the shoe dog jumps in to give a review of the prize for the virtual event, the New Balance 1080’s, along with an update on a cracking goal he’s made. Matt catches up with one of his athletes, elite Olympic lifter and all round great guy, Troy Hewkins. Who last weekend slashed 6 minutes off his half marathon PB, showing an outstanding transition from explosive event to endurance event. Run2PB coach Steph jumps online to give an update on her work placement up in sunny Queensland, along with how her athletes are going and how she recently dominated the Kuranda to Port Douglas Ultra. Steph also answers some listener questions! Brady comes back on to discuss Stewy McSweyn’s amazing 3km national record and also throws some banter around for the Run2PB Virtual 5km Event, including a match between Zacca and Matt.

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Live Stream Event with Jessica Rothwell - Nutrition for All Runners

Thursday 24th September 7pm > Watch via https://www.facebook.com/events/245873440056968/

Run2PB Virtual 5k Event > Register: https://www.run2pb.co/events


Yarraville Running Company, shop online @ https://www.therunningcompany.com.au/yarraville/



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