EP 47: Better with Running Podcast Ft. Brady Threlfall Canberra Marathon Report & Myles Gough from Runcreature.com


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Zacca and Matt catch up on what's probably the biggest week in Zacca's life as well as Matt detailing how his post Hobart Half stay in Tasmania went.

Run2PB coach and Canberra Half Marathon winner Brady Threlfall jumps on to discuss how not only his, but other Run2PB athletes went over the weekend across numerous races, along with recapping his own race.

Run Creature founder and Canberra Marathon winner Myles Gough also joins Matt and Zacca to chat about how his race went. Myles discusses how it all unfolded, leading from gun to tape. Myles joins in on Zacca and Matt talking about how their last week has gone too. Including a cracking 35min tempo from Zacca and Matt trying to recover so he can get right for Gold Coast Marathon.


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