EP34: Better with Running Podcast - With Stu Mclay Legends of Aussie Distance Running Segment ' - Andrew LLoyd 1990 Comm Games 5000m Gold Medal Win.


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In this weeks episode, Zacca and Matt discuss a couple sessions they each hit through the week. Zacca picks the pace up in his 4 x 4/2/1min, dipping into the low 3min/k for the shorter reps, in prep for his race against Matt in the Launceston 10km! Zacca lets us know the thoughts behind the session and how it’s progressed to being a part of his week. Zacca also notches up his biggest week for a while with 105km.
Matt discusses his thorough enjoyment in getting out for a big group run on the Mornington Peninsula, along with hitting some big sessions with alterations of 8 x 600m / 400m and 4 x 8min reps where he closed the last 2min of each rep with a surge. Matt discusses why he chose these sessions in the lead up to the Launceston 10km race and the physical and mental benefits of both.

Stu McLay joins Zacca and Matt to introduce a new segment, ‘The Races and People that made Australian Distance Running’. In this introductory episode, Stu brings forth one of the greatest races you’ll ever witness, the 1990 Commonwealth Games 5km. Stu unpacks the race, going through the background story to the race and how Andrew Lloyd remained composed and stole the win from Olympic Champion John Ngugi. A fascinating insight to an incredible race.
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Watch Andrew Lloyds Commonwealth Games Gold Medal Race Here with Steve Moneghetti Commentary.

Part 1: https://youtu.be/x8AwxlXPK3c

Part 2: https://youtu.be/KXV68wJw1Gc
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