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Zacca chats about an epic session he rolled out, hitting a 5 minute tempo into 6 by 90sec ON/OFF. Dodging packed paths of cyclists, runners and walkers in the process. Matt details how he went over the 5km time trial he helped pace for Jake, going in depth about how they attacked the 5km and adjusted paces on the fly to get the optimal result.

Zacca and Matt chat about their excitement and detail some aspects of their training in the lead up to their next race, the Launceston 10k. Chatting about the unfortunate increase in COVID cases in South Australia, meaning borders being shut, has impacted some Run2PB athletes. Matt chats about how he is working with one of his athletes, Katie, around having to readjust racing plans from a marathon that was meant to be on Sunday in Adelaide to a 50km race 2 weeks later on the Gold Coast. They discuss the importance of staying positive and not overcooking it.

A listener question comes through that Zacca and Matt discuss, what are the best ways to recover from training? Zacca goes into how he attacks recovery and has adjusted it in the past to get the most out of himself and Matt chucks his research hat on and looks at some of the finer details of recovery and how it can sometimes, depending what you do, affect your ability in a negative way to adapt to training. With more races starting to pop up, they finish the show off with a few around the grounds.

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