EP45: Better With Running Podcast Ft. John Cox Interview - Sub 3hr Marathoner & Host of Single Malt Marathoners Podcast


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Zacca and Matt catch up on how their past couple of weeks have been. Matt goes through some of his specific sessions in the lead up to next weeks Hobart Half Marathon. Hitting a morning hills and tempo session to practice running hard, to replicate the early race start. Along with a long warm up into 5 x 1km alterations sessions and 3 x 2km reps into 6 x 400m session. Zacca goes through the sessions included in his biggest mileage week for years, including 3 x 3km session and 30min tempo.

Zacca heads out to watch the Collingwood Classic. Filling in about the many run2pb athletes having amazing performances along with coaches Sammy and Brady putting on stunning displays of strong running. Matt chats about a couple of impressive PB’s coming out of the Great South Run from his athletes along with Bettina who crushed her 10km.

Zacca interviews John Cox, cohost of the Single Malt Marathoners podcast and run2pb athlete. John discusses what got him into running, how the club scene is huge in Britain, how with the help of his coach Brady, has absolutely crushed the 3hr marathon, how his kept his motivation through COVID and how his podcast is going.

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