EP69: Shoe Chat - Finding a versatile shoe & How to know when it's time for a another pair!


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Zacca and Matt catch up about their post 5km TT weeks. Both decide it was a good opportunity to up the kilometers and get after some strength work. CR hunting season down on the Mornington Peninsula, so Matt incorporates some into his Tuesday workout. Then turns the clock back and reminisces about the old 3 lap progression of The Tan and hits a similar styled 3 lap progression run of Frankston Reservoir. Zacca pumps out a massive pickup run then gets the legs turning over in a 25min tempo to pump out a solid week.

Big result from Mel Cullen, a she nails her 10km time trial with a massive PB, setting off a huge smile from coach Madeline Heiner.

Listener question comes in looking at training mistakes made early on in Zacca and Matt's running. Zacca reflects on how he tried to ramp mileage up too quick and Matt discusses taking on too much quality too quickly.

Run2PB coach Sammy 'shoe dog' Mclean jumps on to answer some important shoe based questions. Discussing what makes a versatile shoe as well as giving some specific examples, how can a runner who trains in support shoes best choose a super shoe, how to transition into spikes and answers a listener question on how do you know when it's time for a new shoe.


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