Better Work B*tch: S4 Ep 10 - Season Finale: Sister Talk! My Solo Hawaii Trip Made Me Face My Fears of Codependency


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What is codependency? As Empaths or Highly Sensitive People we sometimes don't realize we've been creating attachments to people and situations all our lives. It's habitual at times due to how in tune and sensitive we can be. Often times, created out of insecurity. Where have you created codependent behavior? Thru work? Shopping or eating? Needing to accomplish so many things because there's a sense of lack of self-worth? I had to get real with myself and my spirit guide Daniel led me to Hawaii. I traveled alone for the first time that was so familiar yet made me feel so alienated. It was spiritual and uncomfortable, an experience I needed. Thank you for allowing me time off and allowing me to be human and heal. I love you all.

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