Better Work B*tch: S4 Ep8 - Your Divine Femininity Beyond Womb Abuse, Toxic Masculinity + The Abuelita Connection


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*This can be a Triggering Episode* Please listen with caution. Episode was recording with the full intention of providing a loving and empathetic conversation around topics that are Taboo in Latinx Culture.

What is the Divine Feminine? She's an energy we all embody. An energy you can easily tap into when shifting into your phases of intuition, creativity, empathy, and universal consciousness. As Latinx and WOC (Women of Color), we have suppressed our connection to our Femininity and even neglected our connection to source energy as a result. When we heal generational trauma of our female lineages we free ourselves up energetically to ascend adn remove the rust that lingers onthe links from our ancestors surrounding womb abuse and trauma: abortion, rape, stillbirths, miscarriages + more.

Cindy Luquin is a Certified Fertility Doula, Fertility Awareness Educator, Scholar, DV Survivor, Salv-Guatemalan Angeleno and Found of Howl at the Womb. She joins me in this episode to share her depth and knowledge surrounding the topics of connecting with our femininity as Latinx women in order to excel past the stereotypes and statics we're being pigeonhold within.

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