Better Work B*tch: S5 FINALE - Hypnotherapy Recalling Past-life Trauma w @TheBizBruja Vanessa


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This season finale I yet again put myself in the seat to intentionally work through shadow work that I know I needed to address. The week I met Vanessa, my spirit guides came to me in meditation and shared her name. They simply said, "Vanessa." I didn't know they were referencing @thebizbruja at the time, and I even thought, "Who is Vanessa? I don't know a Vanessa!" Days later, she and I danced into each other's vortex to facilitate healing I needed around past-life trauma, inner-child reconciliation, and address my soul power of living as a strong feminine and how it WAS effecting my connections with certain women I have had soul contracts with. It's an enlightening episode on Hypnotherapy and more! Book a session with her for a discounted price for our Better Work Bitch listeners ONLY!


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