Better Work B*tch: S6 Ep8 - Navigating Spaces You Feel You Don't Belong In FT. Michelle Morales


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Dance is a powerful form of channeling energy. When you dance, you unleash your soul, you express your essence, you embody your highest self and that of your ancestors. This might be why some are timid and don't feel comfortable dancing, because it is true vulnerability. In society, there are even rules and judgement about how to dance and what dancing should look like, but dance is Liberation and that shouldn't look any other way than you authentically feel it should. Michelle discusses how she has used dance to navigate spaces she's felt she didn't belong in and how she is using it as a healing tool for her work among BIPOC youth.

Michelle Morales is an award-winning professional salsa dancer and school psychologist who joins us to discuss how we can embody our divine feminine and heal thru dance and how she helps support BIPOC community thru her POV of Latinidad.

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