BTW 17: Flower Worlds, Singing Deer, and Tree Mysteries with Dr. David Delgado Shorter


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We are SO EXCITED to present to you this very special episode with guest Dr. David Delgado Shorter where we discuss the Flower Worlds of the Yaqui people of northern Mexico. In this cosmology there are nine interlocking worlds filled with magical creatures. Reality is danced and sung into being. Flowers are messengers from Spirit. In the Western Mystery traditions, the suit of wands relates to the wisdom flowers and trees, and in this episode we get to hear a radically different perspective on these beings. Dr. Shorter has studied with the Yaqui for over 20 years and helps us understand the indigenous view of the enchanted world of plants, brought into being through relationship and ritual.


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Amanda's References In This Episode Include:

  • "We Will Dance Our Truth: Yaqui History in Yoeme Performences," by David Delgado Shorter.

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