054 - Dr. Ravi Gupta - Viking Capital Co-Founder and Managing Partner


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Join our conversation with Dr. Gupta...

Dr. Gupta shares his story (1:58)

The Five Freedoms: financial freedom, freedom of time, geographic freedom, freedom of health and well-being, and freedom of giving/charity

How Dr. Gupta got into real estate (6:41)

Nuts & Bolts (13:20)

Why invest in real estate? (Tl;dr: “It’s lucrative, it’s interesting, and there’s a tremendous tax benefit.”)

Should I hire a management company?

What is today’s market like?

Tips for a first-time investor (28:08)

1) If you’re going to live in a property, make sure you’re planning to stay there for at least 3-5 years.

2) Have a good exit plan in place

3) Buy the cheapest property in the best area you could buy in

“Creating your freedom”: transition into practicing medicine for passion, not profit (47:07)

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