How to Adjust to The Changing Landscape of Sports #75 w/ Tay Hawker


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How to Adjust to The Changing Landscape of Sports

We can't talk begin to talk about being prepared for what is coming into the sports world over the next few years if we don't first examine the progress that we've made. After speaking with Tay Hawker we had the opportunity to hear his experiences on the field playing rugby and now in the room making decisions.

He shares some really great tidbits for athletes or individuals striving to have an impact within sports.

00:00 - Episode Snippet

00:26 - Welcome to Beyond the Ball

01:27 - Introduction of Tay Hawker

02:27 - Who is Tay?

4:44 - Life Lessons from working in sports?

7:36 - Rude Rugby Awakening

10:45 - Culture Shift from New Zealand to the States

14:35 - Is Everybody leaving college athletics?

19:00 - Words of Advice for aspiring workers in college athletics

22:28 - Name, Image, and Likeness Education + TikTok

31:24 - Potential Dangers of #NIL

37:49 - Mental Health + Social Media Addiction

39:40 - Two Minute Drill

40:50 - #OneTip for a Student-Athlete

45:20 - Connect with Tay Hawker

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