How to become a more Inclusive Leader w/ Resa Lovelace Episode #65


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How to become a more inclusive leader is something that many organizations face. However, not many are up for the challenge of doing the job. Although as we enter LGBTQ+ Pride Month she gives us some practical and tangible insights, while also calling us all to go higher. Are you a leader on your campus if so let's continue to lead and advocate for those who can't advocate for themselves.

00:00 - Episode Snippet

00:33 - Welcome to Beyond the Ball

01:50 - Introduction of Resa Lovelace

3:23 - Love at First Strike, Bowling Memories

8:04 - Her Journey of College Athletics

13:48 - I am Black, I am Gay, they are NOT mutually exclusive

18:48 - Being Black in America is hard

20:35 - Consulting with Resa

25:00 - Learning About the Anti-Trans Bill

28:00 - Student-athletes becoming more vocal

30:07 - Steps to start an inclusive Conversation

34:14 - The stress of the recruiting process

35:00 - Let's Talk Tips to be inclusive of LGBTQ+ Pride Month

39:20 - What's the End Game Goal for RBL Theory?

40:55 - The 2 Min Drill

44:17 - Ways to Connect with Resa

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